Nicolas Sanchez L.

  1. Footprints in the Dust

    [2015-2018] A 3 years investigation on the NASA Apollo mission program Archive. Only 12 men have set foot on the moon in 6 successful NASA missions; 12 men that attached to their spacesuits carried photographic cameras without viewfinders and registered.

  2. Studies on the twilight (Scenes from two rivers)

    [2017] The Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region is the largest in Germany with over 11 million inhabitants spread around a web of cities, heavy industrial hubs and two rivers; the Ruhr and the Rhine.

  3. Studies on the twilight (on an abandoned mine)

    [2018] It was called the white gold. By the late 19th century, the exploitation of nitrate was one of the most important industries in the economic history of Chile. Each new day were founded Saltpeter Offices right in the pampas of the world's driest des

  4. Nocturne II

    [2017] A portrait of night in Berlin. Analog photo and charcoal over Giclée print. Walking the night not only sharpens our vision and hearing, but also brings the whole being into a state of alert and deeper resonance.

  5. Atmospheres

    [2008-2016] 9 year record of horizon atmospheres photographed as triptychs or single images. Colourful ambiences arouse a reflective state of silent contemplation.

  6. We spin around the nights (Photo Series)

    [2013 - 2014] We spin around the nights. On Sunday evenings, during the winter months of 2012–13 I conducted nocturnal peregrinatory walks through the streets of London.

  1. BaPhoto 2020

    Estaré junto a Juana Gomez, Valentina Osnovikoff y Pablo Bronstein participando de BAphoto 2020 que este año será en línea. BA photo 2020 será una plataforma dedicada a la promoción, difusión y comercialización de fotografías. Un espacio…

  2. Sistema binario como lenguaje arcaico

    No temas, la isla esta llena de ruidos Exposición colectiva Del 5 de agosto al 26 de septiembre Fecha inauguración: miércoles 5 de agosto, 19:30 hrs Por Zoom No temas, la isla esta llena de ruidos es la segunda exposición colectiva de Galería…

  3. Tiempos de pesimismo filosófico

    El artista nacional Nicolás Sánchez hace resplandeciente lo más cotidiano de lo cotidiano. Hasta lo más sencillo, bajo su lente es poesía pura. Nos abrió su cocina, la misma que fotografió con ese arte que lo hace especial, y nos contó cuál es…