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Works from 2005 to present. Photo series, videos, films and interventions

  1. Nocturne II

    [2017] A portrait of night in Berlin. Analog photo, charcoal over Giclée print. At night, the usual structure of cities, with its… more

  2. Nocturne I

    [2016] Video Series. An ongoing portrait of night currently filmed in London, Berlin and Tehran. At night, the usual structure of… more

  3. Big North (to Antofagasta)

    [2016] Norte Grande (to Antofagasta), is a tribute to the most hostile city I have been fortunate enough to inhabit. To love and u… more

  4. Golden Birds

    [2016] Quillagua was a fertile oasis along the Loa river, in the middle of the driest desert of the world, the Atacama. An indigen… more

  5. Esperanza, Porvenir, Prosperidad, Progreso, Victoria (Cabinet of curiosities)

    [2015] It was called the white gold. By the late 19th century, the exploitation of nitrate was one of the most important industrie… more

  6. Atmospheres

    [2008-2017] 9 year record of horizon atmospheres photographed as triptychs or single images. Colourful ambiences arouse a reflecti… more

  7. Requiem for Bemba

    [2015] On september 2012 I was deported from the UK. While I was kept in the detaining room, I met Bemba. Two years later I went o… more

  8. We spin around the nights (Photo Series)

    [2013 - 2014] On Sunday evenings, at ‘closing time’ during the winter months of 2012–13 I conducted nocturnal peregrinatory walks… more

  9. We spin around the nights (Video Series)

    [2013-2014] While the city sleeps and the shadows cover everything, a few people plot their own revolutions, getting lost around t… more

  10. Tourists Trilogy (Video Series)

    [2013] A Trilogy of short films about Tourists being tourists in breathtaking landscapes. Each one as a threnodie -from the Greek… more

  11. Tourists Threnody (Photo Series)

    [2007-current] A photo series about tourists being tourists. Threnody -from the Greek threnos (wailing) and oide (ode)- is a seri… more

  12. Pop corn fields

    [2012] The industry is sold out. A film about films about corn fields. Curatorship by Marcelo Sarovic. In order of appearance: Chi… more

  13. Life is elsewhere

    [2012] Life is elsewhere, a lyric documentary, an artist film by Nicolas Sanchez. Horacio left to Atacama desert, Alfonso to Patag… more

  14. Noah's raft, (living off) the fat of the land

    [2011] The project consists in building a raft to navigate downstream the Mapocho river, since its channeled entrance into the cen… more

  15. Where are my dreams? (glow in the dark)

    [2012] A goodbye film to Santiago shot in the San Carlos canal. Tired and bored, our boredom grows, we carry it from work back to… more

  16. Me voy de la ciudad (aún no te he olvidao)

    [2009] A journey in Santiago de Chile, from its centre to the outskirts countryside, following the path of the power lines that fe… more

  17. Wild rosehip jam (slow food)

    [2008] A triggered remembering when I saw the rosehip fruit -common in south Chile and wildly present on Prague's outskirts- led t… more

  18. Algún lugar encontraré

    [2008] Collect industrial waste around the city, build something new, search for the lost territtory. Music by Alejandro Artigas more

  19. estacionamientos, vacíos

    [2008] A film made in the underground parking lots of shopping centres, minutes before their closing time. more

  20. Makeshift taps

    [2008] A 10 pages how-to manual for illegal hooking connections into a power line, a photo series from these hooks and the sabotag… more

  21. From Saler to Gran Turia

    [2008] A dérive carrying a trolley from one shopping center to another in the outskirts of Valencia, Spain more

  22. Bonjour M. Courbet

    [2007] A 1 day walking dérive in Valencia, Spain. A conversation on a casual encounter and a cover of Nowhere man by Camilo Artiga… more

  23. Untitled

    [2007] An abandoned factory near Valencia's coast, waiting to be demolished. An infinite loop of boredom. more

  24. Airports

    [2007-2017] The series was truncated after the discovery of the Airport series by Peter Fischli (b.1952) and David Weiss (1946-201… more

  25. Atacama Lab

    [2007] A ten-day fieldwork session with artists, architects, designers, and scientists, followed in the Atacama Desert visiting si… more

  26. Recover your city

    [2006] A claim for the right to the city. A series of panoramic multi exposures photographs. more

  27. Antipostcards

    [2006] With a group of friends we went out to visit our city venturing into a drift to the periphery through the eyes of a tourist… more