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[2008] A triggered remembering when I saw the rosehip fruit -common in south Chile and wildly present on Prague's outskirts- led to the rescued of an old family recipe to prepare jam and share.

  1. Installation view

    Jam for taste and take away

  2. Installation view

    Working desk, cooking stuff, film playing

  3. Installation view

    LCD Display, fruits , table, chair, casserole, overall, jam jars, harvest tool

  4. Installation view

    The work space with the film playing

  5. Wild rosehip jam (slow food)

    Video still, Digital C-Print, 60 x 40 inches, Oak box framed

  6. Shots from the process

    Harvesting rosehip with the artisanal collector

  7. Video still

    Digital C-Print, 60 x 40 inches, Oak box framed

  8. Wild rosehip jam (slow food)

    Shots from the process. Having tea with wild rosehip jam

  9. Shots from the process

    Starin the puree

  10. Shots from the process

    First boil

  11. Shots from the process

    Cleaning the fruit

  12. Shots from the process

    Rosehip harvest

  13. Wild rosehip jam (slow food)

    2008 DVD Video, color, sound, 12’ 40”

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